Trend research of Healthcare services, Long-Term care services


  • Research & Developments of new technology, new services
  • Sastinablity of universal social insurance  coverlage
  • Integrating operataion of healthcare & social care services
  • Risk management in healthcare & long-Term care services
  • Utelizing information & communication technology in healthcare & social care services
We are researching focusing not only on individual projects but also on what is happening and where to go from an insidious point of view.



  • Healthcare policy trends in EU
  • Healthcare reform in UK, Germany
  • Community health and social care services using ICT of Nordic countries
  • Medical affairs and medical tourism circumstances in Southeast Asia
  • Research and Development of Health Tech, Edutech in Southeast Asia

We continuously research trends in Southeast Asian countries that are attracting international attention as a research and development base and medical tourism base.